Saratoga Trunk 1945

An opportunistic Texas gambler and the exiled Creole daughter of an aristocratic family join forces to achieve justice from the society that has ostracized them.

All Titles
  • Саратогская железнодорожная ветка
  • Spiel mit dem Schicksal
  • Abrechnung in Saratoga
  • AR: La exótica La exótica
  • AT: Die Intrigantin von Saratoga Die Intrigantin von Saratoga
  • BE: De intrigante van Saratoga De intrigante van Saratoga
  • BE: L'intrigante de Saratoga L'intrigante de Saratoga
  • BR: Mulher Exótica Mulher Exótica
  • BG: Саратога Саратога
  • DK: Højt spil i Saratoga Højt spil i Saratoga
  • FI: Uhkapeliä Saratogassa Uhkapeliä Saratogassa
  • FR: L'intrigante de Saratoga L'intrigante de Saratoga
  • GR: Saratoga Saratoga
  • IT: Saratoga Saratoga
  • MX: La exótica La exótica
  • PT: Saratoga Saratoga
  • ES: La exótica La exótica
  • SE: Högt spel i Saratoga Högt spel i Saratoga
  • TR: Saratoga Güzeli Saratoga Güzeli
Directed by Sam Wood
Artists Ingrid Bergman
as Clio Dulaine
Gary Cooper
as Colonel Clint Maroon
John Abbott
as Roscoe Bean
Release date 30 Mar 1946
Genre Drama Romance Western
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