San Quentin 1937

An army trainer becomes captain of the prison yard and in time, falls for the sister of a hardened inmate.

All Titles
  • Сан Квентин
  • AR: San Quintín San Quintín
  • AT: Flucht aus San Quentin Flucht aus San Quentin
  • BE: La révolte La révolte
  • BR: San Quentin San Quentin
  • CA: San Quentin San Quentin
  • HR: Pobuna u tamnici Pobuna u tamnici
  • DK: Mytteri i statsfængslet Mytteri i statsfængslet
  • FI: Rikollisen kunnia Rikollisen kunnia
  • FR: La révolte La révolte
  • GR: I exegersis I exegersis
  • NL: Opstand in San Quentin Opstand in San Quentin
  • PL: Zbieg z San Quentin Zbieg z San Quentin
  • PT: Algemas Quebradas Algemas Quebradas
  • RO: San Quentin San Quentin
  • ES: San Quintín San Quintín
  • SE: Myteriet i statsfängelset Myteriet i statsfängelset
  • YU: Pobuna u tamnici Pobuna u tamnici
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Artists Humphrey Bogart
as Joe 'Red' Kennedy
Pat O'Brien
as Captain Stephen Jameson
Ernie Adams
as Fink
Release date 07 Aug 1937
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir
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