Samurai Jack 2001

A samurai sent through time fights to return home and save the world.

All Titles
  • AR: Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
  • BR: Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
  • BG: Самурай Джак Самурай Джак
  • GR: Jack o samurai Jack o samurai
  • HU: Szamuráj Jack Szamuráj Jack
  • JP: Samurai Jakku Samurai Jakku
  • JP: Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
  • LT: Samurajus Džekas Samurajus Džekas
  • PL: Samuraj Jack Samuraj Jack
  • RU: Самурай Джек Самурай Джек
  • RS: Samuraj Džek Samuraj Džek
  • ES: Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
  • UA: Самурай Джек Самурай Джек
Artists Clancy Brown
as 1 episode, 2002
Tim Curry
as 1 episode, 2002
Mark Hamill
as Guiness / 1 episode, 2001
Release date 10 Aug 2001
Genre Animation Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Thriller
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