Samantha Who? 2007

A woman suffers from amnesia and is forced to find out who she really is.

All Titles
  • Sam I Am
  • Samantha Be Good
  • BG: Коя е Саманта? Коя е Саманта?
  • HR: Tko je Samantha? Tko je Samantha?
  • EE: Samantha Samantha
  • FR: Samantha Qui? Samantha Qui?
  • DE: Samantha Who? Samantha Who?
  • GR: Samantha Who? Samantha Who?
  • HU: Nem ér a nevem Nem ér a nevem
  • IT: Samantha Chi? Samantha Chi?
  • PL: Kim jest Samantha? Kim jest Samantha?
  • RU: Кто такая Саманта? Кто такая Саманта?
  • SI: Samantha kdo? Samantha kdo?
  • ES: Samantha, ¿qué? Samantha, ¿qué?
Artists Florence Henderson
as 1 episode, 2009
Cybill Shepherd
as 1 episode, 2008
Christine Ebersole
as 1 episode, 2009
Release date 15 Oct 2007
Genre Comedy Mystery Romance
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