Salt 2010

A CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.

All Titles
  • Edwin A. Salt
  • AR: Agente Salt Agente Salt
  • BE: Salt Salt
  • BR: Salt Salt
  • BG: Агент Солт Агент Солт
  • CA: Salt Salt
  • CA: Salt Salt
  • HR: Salt Salt
  • DK: Salt Salt
  • EE: Agent Salt Agent Salt
  • FR: Salt Salt
  • FR: Salt: Choisis ton destin Salt: Choisis ton destin
  • GE: Solti Solti
  • GR: Salt Salt
  • HU: Salt ügynök Salt ügynök
  • JP: Salt Salt
  • JP: Soruto Soruto
  • LV: Solta Solta
  • LT: Druska Druska
  • PE: Agente Salt Agente Salt
  • PT: Salt Salt
  • RO: Salt Salt
  • RU: Солт Солт
  • ES: Salt Salt
  • TR: Ajan Salt Ajan Salt
  • UA: Солт Солт
  • UY: Agente Salt Agente Salt
Directed by Phillip Noyce
Artists Liev Schreiber
as Ted Winter
Angelina Jolie
as Evelyn Salt
Colleen Werthmann
as Secret Service Tactical Officer
Release date 23 Jul 2010
Genre Action Mystery Thriller
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