Runaway 1984

In the near future, a police officer specializes in malfunctioning robots. When a robot turns out to have been programmed to kill, he begins to uncover a homicidal plot to create killer robots... and his son becomes a target.

All Titles
  • Охота на роботов
  • Runaway - Spinnen des Todes
  • AT: Runaway - Spinnen des Todes Runaway - Spinnen des Todes
  • BR: Runaway: Fora de Controle Runaway: Fora de Controle
  • BG: Беглец Беглец
  • CA: Runaway: L'évadé du futur Runaway: L'évadé du futur
  • DK: Døden løber løbsk Døden løber løbsk
  • FI: Karkuri Karkuri
  • FR: Runaway - L'évadé du futur Runaway - L'évadé du futur
  • DE: Runaway - Spinnen des Todes Runaway - Spinnen des Todes
  • GR: Runaway: Omada eidikis katadioxis Runaway: Omada eidikis katadioxis
  • GR: Runaway: Eidiki omada katadioxis Runaway: Eidiki omada katadioxis
  • GR: Runaway: Ομάδα ειδικής καταδίωξης Runaway: Ομάδα ειδικής καταδίωξης
  • HU: Gyilkos robotok Gyilkos robotok
  • MX: Fuera de control Fuera de control
  • NO: Døden går amok Døden går amok
  • PE: Fuera de control Fuera de control
  • PL: Ucieczka Ucieczka
  • PT: Fora de Controlo Fora de Controlo
  • RU: Охота на роботов Охота на роботов
  • RS: Bekstvo Bekstvo
  • SI: Pajcevina smrti Pajcevina smrti
  • ES: Runaway: Brigada especial Runaway: Brigada especial
  • TR: Kaçis Kaçis
Directed by Michael Crichton show all movies of Michael Crichton
Artists Kirstie Alley
as Jackie Rogers
Tom Selleck
as Jack Ramsay
Gene Simmons
as Luther
Release date 14 Dec 1984
Genre Action Crime Sci-Fi Thriller
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