Run Ronnie Run 2002


A redneck with an uncanny knack for getting arrested becomes the star of his own reality program.

All Titles
  • AR: Corre por tu vida, Ronnie Corre por tu vida, Ronnie
  • BR: Metido em Encrenca Metido em Encrenca
  • HU: Fuss, Ronnie, fuss! Fuss, Ronnie, fuss!
  • PL: Biegnij, Ronnie, biegnij! Biegnij, Ronnie, biegnij!
  • RO: Alearga, Ronnie, alearga Alearga, Ronnie, alearga
  • RU: Беги, Ронни, беги Беги, Ронни, беги
  • ES: ¡Corre Ronnie corre! ¡Corre Ronnie corre!
Director Troy Miller
Artists Jeff Goldblum
as Jeff Goldblum
R. Lee Ermey
as Lead Kidnapper
Mandy Patinkin
as Mandy Patinkin
Released 05 Jan 2002
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