Rude Awakening 2001

Billie Frank, an out of work alcoholic actress, used to be somewhat of a star in her day, but now she's all washed up. With the help of her mother, Trudy, Billie tries to pick up the pieces...

All Titles
  • BG: Gruba realnost Gruba realnost
  • CZ: Príserná kocovina Príserná kocovina
  • FI: Pää sekaisin Pää sekaisin
  • FR: Rude Awakening Rude Awakening
  • DE: Rude Awakening - Nur für Erwachsene! Rude Awakening - Nur für Erwachsene!
  • GR: Erotiké Anepárkeia Erotiké Anepárkeia
  • HU: Vágyrajárók Vágyrajárók
  • IT: Rude Awakening Rude Awakening
  • PL: Brutalne przebudzenie Brutalne przebudzenie
  • RO: Trezita la realitate Trezita la realitate
  • SK: Príserná kocovina Príserná kocovina
  • ES: Pasados de vueltas Pasados de vueltas
  • ES: Enganxada Enganxada
Artists Jason Bateman
as 1 episode, 2000
Karen Black
as 2 episodes, 1999
Joanna Cassidy
as 2 episodes, 1998-2000
Release date 01 Aug 1998
Genre Comedy
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