Royce 1994

Royce is a member of the ultra-secret service "Black Hole", working for the US Government on top-secret missions. When the senator responsible for forming Black Hole disbands the ...

All Titles
  • BR: Royce, um Agente Muito Especial Royce, um Agente Muito Especial
  • BG: Ройс Ройс
  • FI: Royce - pelkkää terästä Royce - pelkkää terästä
  • GR: Mystikos praktor Royce Mystikos praktor Royce
  • HU: Royce - Titkosügynök a pácban Royce - Titkosügynök a pácban
  • NO: Royce Royce
  • PT: Royce Royce
  • PT: Royce - Agente Secreto Royce - Agente Secreto
  • RU: Секретный агент Ройс Секретный агент Ройс
  • SE: Royce - hemlig agent Royce - hemlig agent
Directed by Rod Holcomb
Artists Jim Belushi
as Shane Royce (as James Belushi)
Miguel Ferrer
as Gribbon
Chelsea Field
as Marnie Paymer
Release date 03 Apr 1994
Genre Action Comedy Thriller
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