Robots 2005

In a robot world, a young idealistic inventor travels to the big city to join his inspiration's company, only to find himself opposing its sinister new management.

All Titles
  • Robots: The IMAX Experience
  • AR: Robots Robots
  • BR: Robôs Robôs
  • BG: Роботи Роботи
  • CA: Robots Robots
  • HR: Roboti Roboti
  • DK: Robotter Robotter
  • EE: Robotid Robotid
  • FR: Robots Robots
  • GE: Robotebi Robotebi
  • DE: Robots Robots
  • GR: Robots Robots
  • HU: Robotok Robotok
  • IS: Vélmenni Vélmenni
  • JP: Robottsu Robottsu
  • LV: Roboti Roboti
  • LT: Robotai Robotai
  • MX: Robots Robots
  • NZ: Robots Robots
  • NO: Robotene Robotene
  • PL: Roboty Roboty
  • PT: Robôs Robôs
  • RO: Roboti Roboti
  • RU: Роботы Роботы
  • RS: Roboti Roboti
  • SK: Roboti Roboti
  • SI: Roboti Roboti
  • ES: Robots Robots
  • SE: Robotar Robotar
  • TR: Robotlar Robotlar
  • UA: Роботи Роботи
Directed by Carlos Saldanha Chris Wedge
Artists Ewan McGregor
as Rodney Copperbottom
Robin Williams
as Fender
Mel Brooks
as Bigweld
Release date 11 Mar 2005
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Sci-Fi
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Robots 2005