Road House 1989

A tough bouncer is hired to tame a dirty bar.

All Titles
  • Придорожная закусочная
  • AR: El duro El duro
  • AT: Road House Road House
  • BR: Matador de Aluguel Matador de Aluguel
  • BG: Крайпътна къща Крайпътна къща
  • CA: Bar routier Bar routier
  • CL: El duro El duro
  • CO: El duro El duro
  • HR: Kuca na putu Kuca na putu
  • DK: Road House Road House
  • FI: Road house - kuuma kapakka Road house - kuuma kapakka
  • FI: Road House - Kuuma kapakka Road House - Kuuma kapakka
  • FI: Kuuma kapakka Kuuma kapakka
  • FR: Bar routier Bar routier
  • FR: Road House Road House
  • GR: O bravos O bravos
  • GR: Ο μπράβος Ο μπράβος
  • HU: Országúti diszkó Országúti diszkó
  • IT: Il duro del Road House Il duro del Road House
  • LT: Namas prie kelio Namas prie kelio
  • MX: El duro El duro
  • PE: El duro El duro
  • PL: Wykidajło Wykidajło
  • PT: Profissão: Duro Profissão: Duro
  • RO: Clubul de noapte Clubul de noapte
  • RS: Drumska kafana Drumska kafana
  • ES: De profesión: duro De profesión: duro
  • TR: Road House Road House
  • TR: Bar Fedaisi Bar Fedaisi
Directed by Rowdy Herrington
Artists Sam Elliott
as Wade Garrett
Patrick Swayze
as Dalton
Ben Gazzara
as Brad Wesley
Release date 19 May 1989
Genre Action Thriller
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