Road Ends 1997

Esteban, a mysterious figure involved in a drug deal of some kind, arrives in a quiet desert town. He signs in at the local hotel using the name 'Gene Gere', which happens to be the name of...

All Titles
  • AR: Travesía del crimen Travesía del crimen
  • BG: Краят на пътя Краят на пътя
  • CA: Cul-de-sac Cul-de-sac
  • FI: Tien pää Tien pää
  • FI: Pakomatka Pakomatka
  • FI: Road Ends - Pakomatka Road Ends - Pakomatka
  • DE: Final Showdown Final Showdown
  • GR: Adiexodo Adiexodo
  • HU: Nincs tovább Nincs tovább
  • IT: Sulle tracce del testimone Sulle tracce del testimone
  • ES: Camino sin retorno Camino sin retorno
  • UA: Safe House Safe House
Directed by Rick King
Artists Mariel Hemingway
as Kat
Dennis Hopper
as Sheriff Ben Gilchrist
Peter Coyote
as Gene Gere
Release date 05 Jul 1999
Genre Crime Thriller
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