Red Surf 1990

A surfer enjoys life with drug money together with his gang in 1980s California. His girlfriend is pregnant and will not be in a house with drugs and guns and is going to Portland OR. Can he quit the drugs, the gang and that last big deal?

All Titles
  • BR: Soberanos das Drogas Soberanos das Drogas
  • BR: Tráfico Fatal Tráfico Fatal
  • BG: Кървав сърф Кървав сърф
  • FI: Malibu -huumerannikko Malibu -huumerannikko
  • DE: Red Surf Red Surf
  • DE: Red Surf - Explosiv Red Surf - Explosiv
  • DE: Speed Junkies - Red Surf Speed Junkies - Red Surf
  • DE: Surf to Die Surf to Die
  • GR: Kontra sta kymata Kontra sta kymata
  • IT: Giovani iene Giovani iene
  • PL: Czerwona fala Czerwona fala
  • PT: Juventude Perigosa Juventude Perigosa
  • ES: Surf Connection Surf Connection
Directed by H. Gordon Boos
Artists George Clooney
as Remar
Gene Simmons
as Doc
Release date 21 Apr 1990
Genre Action Crime Drama
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