Red State 2011

Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.

All Titles
  • Untitled Kevin Smith Horror Project
  • AR: La Secta La Secta
  • BR: Seita Mortal Seita Mortal
  • CL: La Secta La Secta
  • HR: Crvena država Crvena država
  • EE: Verine osariik Verine osariik
  • DE: Red State - Fürchte Dich vor Gott! Red State - Fürchte Dich vor Gott!
  • GR: Matomeni poli Matomeni poli
  • GR: Ματωμένη Πόλη Ματωμένη Πόλη
  • HU: Veszett világ Veszett világ
  • IL: Knesiyat ha'pahad Knesiyat ha'pahad
  • LT: Raudonoji valstija Raudonoji valstija
  • PL: Czerwony stan Czerwony stan
  • PT: Culto Mortal Culto Mortal
  • RO: Tinutul însângerat Tinutul însângerat
  • RU: Красный штат Красный штат
  • RS: Crvena država Crvena država
  • TR: Seytanin Ini Seytanin Ini
Directed by Kevin Smith
Artists John Goodman
as Joseph Keenan
Kevin Pollak
as ASAC Brooks
Catherine McCord
as News Reporter
Release date 30 Sep 2011
Genre Action Crime Horror Thriller
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Red State 2011