Red River 1948

Dunson leads a cattle drive, the culmination of over 14 years of work, to its destination in Missouri. But his tyrannical behavior along the way causes a mutiny, led by his adopted son.

All Titles
  • Красная река
  • The River Is Red
  • Panik am roten Fluß
  • AR: Río rojo Río rojo
  • AT: Panik am roten Fluß Panik am roten Fluß
  • BE: De rode rivier De rode rivier
  • BE: La rivière rouge La rivière rouge
  • BR: Rio Vermelho Rio Vermelho
  • BG: Червената pека Червената pека
  • CA: Red River Red River
  • CZ: Červená řeka Červená řeka
  • FI: Punainen virta Punainen virta
  • FR: Le fleuve rouge Le fleuve rouge
  • FR: La rivière rouge La rivière rouge
  • DE: Panik am roten Fluß Panik am roten Fluß
  • GR: To kokkino potami To kokkino potami
  • GR: Το κόκκινο ποτάμι Το κόκκινο ποτάμι
  • HU: Vörös folyó Vörös folyó
  • IL: Ha-Nahar Ha-Adom Ha-Nahar Ha-Adom
  • IT: Il fiume rosso Il fiume rosso
  • JP: Akai kawa Akai kawa
  • MX: Río rojo Río rojo
  • PL: Rzeka Czerwona Rzeka Czerwona
  • PT: O Rio Vermelho O Rio Vermelho
  • RO: Râul Roşu Râul Roşu
  • ES: Río Rojo Río Rojo
  • TR: Kanli nehir Kanli nehir
  • UA: Червона рiка Червона рiка
  • YU: Crvena reka Crvena reka
Directed by Howard Hawks Arthur Rosson
Artists John Wayne
as Thomas Dunson
Noah Beery Jr.
as Buster McGee
Walter Brennan
as Nadine Groot
Release date 17 Sep 1948
Genre Action Adventure Romance Western
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Red River 1948