Red Dust 1932

The owner of a rubber plantation becomes involved with the new wife of one of his employees.

All Titles
  • Красная пыль
  • AT: Die gelbe Hölle Die gelbe Hölle
  • AT: Tropenrausch Tropenrausch
  • BR: Terra de Paixões Terra de Paixões
  • BR: Terra de Paixão Terra de Paixão
  • DK: Glød Glød
  • FI: Saigonin kaunotar Saigonin kaunotar
  • FR: La belle de Saïgon La belle de Saïgon
  • DE: Die gelbe Hölle Die gelbe Hölle
  • DE: Dschungel im Sturm Dschungel im Sturm
  • GR: Mia gynaika peirasmos Mia gynaika peirasmos
  • HU: Vérvörös homok Vérvörös homok
  • IL: Avak Adom Avak Adom
  • IT: Lo schiaffo Lo schiaffo
  • PL: Kaprys platynowej blondynki Kaprys platynowej blondynki
  • PT: Terra Abrasadora Terra Abrasadora
  • RO: Frumoasa din Saigon Frumoasa din Saigon
  • ES: Tierra de pasión Tierra de pasión
  • SE: Taifun Taifun
  • YU: Crvena prašina Crvena prašina
Directed by Victor Fleming
Artists Clark Gable
as Dennis Carson
Mary Astor
as Barbara Willis
Jean Harlow
as Vantine
Release date 22 Oct 1932
Genre Drama Romance
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