Ransom 2017

A team of crisis negotiators travel the globe to help multinational corporations and governmental agencies with complex negotiations and conflict resolution.

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  • CA: Ransom Ransom
  • AU: Ransom Ransom
  • CZ: Výkupné Výkupné
  • HU: Váltságdíj Váltságdíj
  • PT: Ransom Ransom
  • RO: Negociatorii Negociatorii
  • RU: Выкуп Выкуп
  • RS: Otkupnina Otkupnina
  • SK: Výkupné Výkupné
  • ES: Ransom Ransom
Artists Michael Ironside
as Freddie Woods
Tzi Ma
as Senator Vang
Al Sapienza
as Deputy Commissioner Patrick Fletcher
Release date 01 Jan 2017
Genre Action Crime Drama
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