Raines 2007

Los Angeles. Present day. Michael Raines, an eccentric but brilliant cop, solves murders in a very unusual way - he turns the victims into his partners. These visions are figments of Raines...

All Titles
  • GR: Raines Raines
  • HU: Áldott jó nyomozó Áldott jó nyomozó
  • RO: Extravagantul Raines Extravagantul Raines
  • RU: Детектив Рейнс Детектив Рейнс
  • ES: Raines Raines
Artists Nathan Anderson
as 1 episode, 2007
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as 1 episode, 2007
Willie Amakye
as 1 episode, 2007
Release date 15 Mar 2007
Genre Crime Drama Mystery
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