Queens Logic 1991

In Queens, a group of friends prepares a bachelor party for their childhood friends Ray and Patricia; however Ray has cold feet and is insecure whether there will be wedding. During the ...

All Titles
  • Бруклинская рокировка
  • BR: Entre Amigos Entre Amigos
  • BG: Логиката на Куинс Логиката на Куинс
  • FI: Queensin kingit Queensin kingit
  • FR: Bienvenue au club Bienvenue au club
  • FR: De l'autre côté de Manhattan De l'autre côté de Manhattan
  • DE: Geboren in Queens Geboren in Queens
  • HU: Együtt a csapat Együtt a csapat
  • HU: Együtt a banda Együtt a banda
  • IT: Sognando Manhattan Sognando Manhattan
  • NO: Full fest for klikken Full fest for klikken
  • PT: Uma Ponte em Nova Iorque Uma Ponte em Nova Iorque
  • RS: Logika Kvinsa Logika Kvinsa
  • SE: Gänget från Brooklyn Gänget från Brooklyn
Directed by Steve Rash
Artists Kevin Bacon
as Dennis
Jamie Lee Curtis
as Grace
Linda Fiorentino
as Carla
Release date 01 Feb 1991
Genre Comedy Drama
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