Queen Christina 1933

Queen Christina of Sweden is a popular monarch who is loyal to her country. However, when she falls in love with a Spanish envoy, she must choose between the throne and the man she loves.

All Titles
  • Королева Кристина
  • AT: Königin Christine Königin Christine
  • BE: La reine Christine La reine Christine
  • BR: Rainha Christina Rainha Christina
  • BR: Rainha Cristina Rainha Cristina
  • BG: Кралица Кристина Кралица Кристина
  • DK: Dronning Christina Dronning Christina
  • FI: Kuningatar Kristiina Kuningatar Kristiina
  • FR: La reine Christine La reine Christine
  • DE: Königin Christine Königin Christine
  • GR: Βασίλισσα Χριστίνα Βασίλισσα Χριστίνα
  • HU: Krisztina királynő Krisztina királynő
  • IL: Ha-Malka Christina Ha-Malka Christina
  • IT: La regina Cristina La regina Cristina
  • JP: Kurisuchina joo Kurisuchina joo
  • MX: La reina Cristina La reina Cristina
  • NL: Koningin Christina Koningin Christina
  • NO: Dronning Kristina Dronning Kristina
  • PL: Królowa Krystyna Królowa Krystyna
  • PT: Raínha Cristina Raínha Cristina
  • ES: La reina Cristina de Suecia La reina Cristina de Suecia
  • SE: Christina Christina
  • SE: Drottning Kristina Drottning Kristina
  • UY: Reina Cristina Reina Cristina
  • VE: La reina Cristina La reina Cristina
Directed by Rouben Mamoulian
Artists Greta Garbo
as Christina
Richard Alexander
as Peasant in Crowd
Hooper Atchley
as Antonio's Companion in Coach
Release date 09 Feb 1934
Genre Biography Drama History Romance
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