Quarantine 2008

A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC, after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers.

All Titles
  • Quarantined
  • Quarantined
  • AR: Cuarentena Cuarentena
  • BR: Quarentena Quarentena
  • BG: Карантина Карантина
  • CA: En quarantaine En quarantaine
  • HR: Karantena Karantena
  • CZ: Karanténa Karanténa
  • EE: Karantiin Karantiin
  • FI: Karanteeni Karanteeni
  • FI: Eristyksissä Eristyksissä
  • FR: En quarantaine En quarantaine
  • DE: Quarantäne Quarantäne
  • GR: Karantina Karantina
  • GR: Καραντίνα Καραντίνα
  • HU: Karantén Karantén
  • IT: Quarantena Quarantena
  • JP: Kuarantin Kuarantin
  • MX: Cuarentena Cuarentena
  • PE: Cuarentena Cuarentena
  • PL: Kwarantanna Kwarantanna
  • PT: Quarentena Quarentena
  • RO: Carantina Carantina
  • RU: Карантин Карантин
  • RS: Karantin Karantin
  • SI: Karantena Karantena
  • TR: Karantina Karantina
  • VE: Cuarentena Cuarentena
Directed by John Erick Dowdle show all movies of John Erick Dowdle
Artists Johnathon Schaech
as George Fletcher
Steve Harris
as Scott Percival
Shawn Driscoll
as Firefighter
Release date 10 Oct 2008
Genre Horror Thriller
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