Put lubenica 2006

The journey of a Chinese woman and her fellow countrymen as they travel in search of a better place to live, only to end up struggling for survival in the Balkans.

All Titles
  • HR: Put lubenica Put lubenica
  • CA: La route des pastèques La route des pastèques
  • FR: Passeur d'espoir Passeur d'espoir
  • GR: Skoteinos dromos Skoteinos dromos
  • HU: Dinnyejárat Dinnyejárat
  • RU: Китайский транзит Китайский транзит
  • SE: The Melon Route The Melon Route
  • HR: The Melon Route The Melon Route
Directed by Branko Schmidt
Artists Zoran Cubrilo
as Rivette
Ivo Gregurevic
as Cale
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
as Gojko
Release date 18 Jul 2006
Genre Drama
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