Private Practice 2007

A spin-off of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" centering on the life of neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery.

All Titles
  • Untitled 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-off
  • BG: Частна практика Частна практика
  • HR: Privatna praksa Privatna praksa
  • FI: Rakkauden anatomia Rakkauden anatomia
  • FR: Private Practice Private Practice
  • DE: Private Practice Private Practice
  • GR: Private Practice Private Practice
  • HU: Doktor Addison Doktor Addison
  • PL: Prywatna praktyka Prywatna praktyka
  • PT: Clínica Privada Clínica Privada
  • RO: Medici în Santa Monica Medici în Santa Monica
  • RU: Частная прaктика Частная прaктика
  • RS: Privatna praksa Privatna praksa
  • ES: Sin cita previa Sin cita previa
Artists Helen Slater
as 1 episode, 2011
Kathy Baker
as 1 episode, 2012
Justine Bateman
as 1 episode, 2010
Release date 19 Sep 2007
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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