Prince Valiant 1954

A young Viking prince strives to become a knight in King Arthur's Court and restore his exiled father to his rightful throne.

All Titles
  • Принц Валиант
  • Prinz Eisenherz
  • AU: Prince Valiant Prince Valiant
  • AT: Prinz Eisenherz Prinz Eisenherz
  • BE: Prince Vaillant Prince Vaillant
  • BE: Dappere prins Dappere prins
  • BR: Príncipe Valente Príncipe Valente
  • BR: O Príncipe Valente O Príncipe Valente
  • CA: Prince Valiant Prince Valiant
  • CZ: Princ Valiant Princ Valiant
  • DK: Prins Valiant Prins Valiant
  • FI: Prinssi Rohkea Prinssi Rohkea
  • FI: Prinssi Valiant Prinssi Valiant
  • FI: Prins Valiant Prins Valiant
  • FR: Prince Vaillant Prince Vaillant
  • FR: Prince Valiant Prince Valiant
  • GR: O gennaios prigips O gennaios prigips
  • HU: A bátor herceg A bátor herceg
  • IT: Il principe coraggioso Il principe coraggioso
  • NL: De avonturen van prins valiant De avonturen van prins valiant
  • PL: Niezlomny Wiking Niezlomny Wiking
  • PT: Príncipe Valente Príncipe Valente
  • RO: Printul Valiant Printul Valiant
  • RS: Princ Valijant Princ Valijant
  • ES: El príncipe Valiente El príncipe Valiente
  • SE: Prins Valiant Prins Valiant
  • UY: El príncipe valiente El príncipe valiente
  • VE: El príncipe Valiente El príncipe Valiente
Directed by Henry Hathaway
Artists James Mason
as Sir Brack
Brian Aherne
as King Arthur
Sterling Hayden
as Sir Gawain
Release date 05 Apr 1954
Genre Action Adventure Drama Romance
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