Point of No Return 1993

A government fakes the death of a criminal to turn this young woman into a killer on its service.

All Titles
  • Girl No. 5
  • The Specialist
  • The Assassin
  • The Assassin
  • AU: The Assassin The Assassin
  • BE: The Assassin The Assassin
  • BR: A Assassina A Assassina
  • BG: Терористката Терористката
  • CA: Sans retour Sans retour
  • CA: Point of No Return Point of No Return
  • CR: The Assassin The Assassin
  • HR: Put bez povratka Put bez povratka
  • CZ: Zabiják Zabiják
  • DK: Kodenavn: Nina Kodenavn: Nina
  • EE: Tagasiteed ei ole Tagasiteed ei ole
  • FI: Koodinimi: Nina Koodinimi: Nina
  • FI: Kodnamn: Nina Kodnamn: Nina
  • FR: Nom de code: Nina Nom de code: Nina
  • DE: Codename - Nina Codename - Nina
  • GR: Kodiko onoma: Nina Kodiko onoma: Nina
  • GR: Κωδικό όνομα: Νίνα Κωδικό όνομα: Νίνα
  • HU: A bérgyilkosnő A bérgyilkosnő
  • HU: Codename: Nina Codename: Nina
  • IL: Code Soddi: Nina Code Soddi: Nina
  • IT: Nome in codice: Nina Nome in codice: Nina
  • NO: Kodenavn: Nina Kodenavn: Nina
  • PL: Kryptonim Nina Kryptonim Nina
  • PT: A Assassina A Assassina
  • RO: Punctul limita Punctul limita
  • RU: Убийца Убийца
  • RS: Tačka bez povratka Tačka bez povratka
  • SI: Nina Nina
  • ES: L'assassina L'assassina
  • ES: La asesina La asesina
  • SE: Kodnamn: Nina Kodnamn: Nina
  • TR: Suikastçi Suikastçi
  • UA: The Assassin - (Point of No Return) The Assassin - (Point of No Return)
  • UA: The Assassin The Assassin
Directed by John Badham
Artists Harvey Keitel
as Victor the Cleaner
Gabriel Byrne
as Bob
Bridget Fonda
as Maggie
Release date 19 Mar 1993
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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