Playing It Cool 2014

Unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experiences.

All Titles
  • A Many Splintered Thing
  • AR: Con derecho a roce Con derecho a roce
  • BR: Deixa Rolar Deixa Rolar
  • BG: Приятно разсеяни Приятно разсеяни
  • CA: Comment séduire une amie Comment séduire une amie
  • CL: Amigos con ventaja Amigos con ventaja
  • HR: Budi hladnokrvan Budi hladnokrvan
  • GR: Σφυρίζοντας για τον έρωτα Σφυρίζοντας για τον έρωτα
  • HU: A szerelem markában A szerelem markában
  • IL: Lo mitra'gesh Lo mitra'gesh
  • LV: Nesasteigsim Nesasteigsim
  • MX: Déjate querer Déjate querer
  • PE: Amigos sin compromiso Amigos sin compromiso
  • PL: Rozegraj to na luzie Rozegraj to na luzie
  • RO: Cel mai îndrãgostit bãrbat Cel mai îndrãgostit bãrbat
  • RU: Сердце вдребезги Сердце вдребезги
  • RS: Igraj hladnokrvno Igraj hladnokrvno
  • KR: Time to Love Time to Love
  • ES: Déjate querer Déjate querer
  • TR: Kaçan Kovalanir Kaçan Kovalanir
Directed by Justin Reardon
Artists Beverly D'Angelo
as Lyle's Girlfriend (as Beverly D'Angleo)
Philip Baker Hall
as Granddad
Luke Wilson
as Samson
Release date 08 May 2015
Genre Comedy Romance
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