Petrijin venac 1980

This film takes place in a small mining town in Serbia, within a time span covering the prewar, war, and postwar period. "Petria's wreath" is a story about the tragic life of an illiterate ...

All Titles
  • YU: Petrijin venac Petrijin venac
  • YU: Petrijas Kranz Petrijas Kranz
  • GR: To stefani tis Petria To stefani tis Petria
  • HU: Petrija koszorúja Petrija koszorúja
  • YU: Petria's Wreath Petria's Wreath
Directed by Srdjan Karanovic
Artists Branko Cvejic
as Dr. Stanimirovic
Release date 27 Nov 1981
Genre Drama Romance War
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