Persons Unknown 1996

When former cop and current security expert Jim Holland has a one night stand with Amanda after getting in her way roller-blading. That introduction turns out to be a well thought out plan ...

All Titles
  • BR: Correndo Alto Risco Correndo Alto Risco
  • FR: Persons Unknown Persons Unknown
  • DE: Täter: Unbekannt Täter: Unbekannt
  • GR: Astathmitos paragontas Astathmitos paragontas
  • HU: Bűnösök és áldozatok Bűnösök és áldozatok
  • IT: Delitto senza colpevole Delitto senza colpevole
  • ES: La sombra del intruso La sombra del intruso
Directed by George Hickenlooper show all movies of George Hickenlooper
Artists J.T. Walsh
as Cake
Kelly Lynch
as Amanda
Joe Mantegna
as Jim Holland
Release date 27 Dec 1996
Genre Action Thriller
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