People Like Us 2012

While settling his recently deceased father's estate, a salesman discovers he has a sister whom he never knew about, leading both siblings to re-examine their perceptions about family and life choices.

All Titles
  • Welcome to People
  • AR: Así somos Así somos
  • BR: Bem Vindo à Vida Bem Vindo à Vida
  • BR: Bem-vindo à Vida Bem-vindo à Vida
  • BG: Хора като нас Хора като нас
  • CA: Des gens comme nous Des gens comme nous
  • CL: Así somos Así somos
  • HR: Ljudi poput nas Ljudi poput nas
  • EE: Meiesugused inimesed Meiesugused inimesed
  • FR: Des gens comme nous Des gens comme nous
  • DE: Zeit zu leben Zeit zu leben
  • GR: Anthropoi san ki emas Anthropoi san ki emas
  • GR: Άνθρωποι σαν κι εμάς Άνθρωποι σαν κι εμάς
  • HU: Hétköznapi emberek Hétköznapi emberek
  • IT: Una famiglia all'improvviso Una famiglia all'improvviso
  • LT: Žmones kaip mes Žmones kaip mes
  • PL: Ludzie jak my Ludzie jak my
  • PT: Bem-vindo à Vida Bem-vindo à Vida
  • RU: Люди как мы Люди как мы
  • RS: Ljudi kao mi Ljudi kao mi
  • SI: Ljudje kot mi Ljudje kot mi
  • ES: Así somos Así somos
  • TR: Bizim Gibi Insanlar Bizim Gibi Insanlar
  • UA: Люди як ми Люди як ми
  • UY: Así somos Así somos
Directed by Alex Kurtzman show all movies of Alex Kurtzman
Artists Michelle Pfeiffer
as Lillian
Philip Baker Hall
as Ike Rafferty
Elizabeth Banks
as Frankie
Release date 29 Jun 2012
Genre Comedy Drama
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