Pawn Shop Chronicles 2013

An anthology of stories involving meth addicted white supremacists, a man looking for his kidnapped wife and an Elvis impersonator.

All Titles
  • AR: Crónicas salvajes Crónicas salvajes
  • BR: Busca Alucinante Busca Alucinante
  • BG: Истории от заложната къща Истории от заложната къща
  • CA: Prêteur sur gages Prêteur sur gages
  • FR: Prêteur sur Gages Prêteur sur Gages
  • FR: American Stories American Stories
  • DE: Gangster Chronicles Gangster Chronicles
  • GR: Pawn Shop Chronicles Pawn Shop Chronicles
  • HU: Eszement zaci Eszement zaci
  • IT: I truffatori I truffatori
  • JP: Stealers Stealers
  • LT: Lombardo kronikos Lombardo kronikos
  • NL: Pawn War Chronicles Pawn War Chronicles
  • PL: Kroniki lombardu Kroniki lombardu
  • RO: Amanet cu ghinion Amanet cu ghinion
  • RU: Хроники ломбарда Хроники ломбарда
  • TR: Rehinci Dükkani Vakalari Rehinci Dükkani Vakalari
  • UA: Hustlers Hustlers
Directed by Wayne Kramer
Artists Vincent D'Onofrio
as Alton
Matt Dillon
as Richard
Brendan Fraser
as Ricky
Release date 18 Jan 2014
Genre Action Comedy Crime
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