Paulette 2012

Paulette lives alone in a housing project in the Paris suburbs. With her meager pension, she can no longer make ends meet.

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  • FR: Paulette Paulette
  • BG: Полет Полет
  • CA: Paulette Paulette
  • GR: Η συνταγή της Πωλέτ Η συνταγή της Πωλέτ
  • IL: Ha'khagiga shel Paulette Ha'khagiga shel Paulette
  • PL: Babcia Gandzia Babcia Gandzia
  • PT: Nome de Código: Paulette Nome de Código: Paulette
  • RU: Полетта Полетта
  • ES: El postre de la alegría El postre de la alegría
  • UA: Полетта Полетта
Directed by Jérôme Enrico show all movies of Jérôme Enrico
Artists Lionnel Astier
as Fred
Alexandre Aubry
as Tit'Yves
Françoise Bertin
as Renée
Release date 14 Aug 2015
Genre Comedy Crime
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