Orientation Day 2010

Three freshly cloned minions go through the wacky orientation process at the evil laboratories of Gru.

All Titles
  • BR: Dia das Orientações Dia das Orientações
  • DE: Der 1. Tag Der 1. Tag
  • DE: Einführungstag Einführungstag
  • HU: Gru: Eligazítás Gru: Eligazítás
  • IT: Orientamento Orientamento
  • RU: Ознакомительный день Ознакомительный день
  • ES: Día de orientación Día de orientación
  • UA: Перший робочий день Перший робочий день
Directed by Kyle Balda Samuel Tourneux
Artists Rob Huebel
as Announcer (voice)
Pierre Coffin
as Minions (voice)
Release date 14 Dec 2010
Genre Animation Short Comedy Family Sci-Fi
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