...One Third of a Nation... 1939

A fire in a run-down tenement building injures young Joey Rogers. Wealthy passerby Peter Cortlant rushes the boy and his attractive older sister Mary to the hospital and pays the medical ...

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  • BR: ...Um Terço de uma Nação... ...Um Terço de uma Nação...
  • BR: Os Deserdados Os Deserdados
  • FR: Dans une pauvre petite rue Dans une pauvre petite rue
  • IT: Quartiere maledetto Quartiere maledetto
  • SE: I New Yorks skugga I New Yorks skugga
Directed by Dudley Murphy
Artists Sidney Lumet
as Joey Rogers
Leif Erickson
as Peter Cortlant
Iris Adrian
as Myrtle
Release date 10 Feb 1939
Genre Drama
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