One Crazy Summer 1986

An aspiring teenage cartoonist and his friends come to the aid of a singer trying to save her family property from developers.

All Titles
  • Одно безумное лето
  • Greetings from Nantucket
  • Ein ganz verrückter Sommer
  • AR: Un loco verano Un loco verano
  • AT: Ein ganz verrückter Sommer Ein ganz verrückter Sommer
  • BR: Um Verão Muito Louco Um Verão Muito Louco
  • BG: Едно лудо лято Едно лудо лято
  • HR: Ludo ljeto Ludo ljeto
  • FI: Hullu kesä Hullu kesä
  • GR: Ena trelo, trelo kalokairi Ena trelo, trelo kalokairi
  • GR: Ένα τρελό, τρελό καλοκαίρι Ένα τρελό, τρελό καλοκαίρι
  • HU: Egy őrült nyár Egy őrült nyár
  • IT: Una folle estate Una folle estate
  • PL: Jedno szalone lato Jedno szalone lato
  • PT: Um Verão Louco Um Verão Louco
  • PT: Uma Loucura de Verão Uma Loucura de Verão
  • SI: Noro poletje Noro poletje
  • ES: Un verano loco Un verano loco
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Artists John Cusack
as Hoops McCann
Demi Moore
as Cassandra Eldridge
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Egg Stork
Release date 08 Aug 1986
Genre Comedy Romance
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