On the Double 1961

At the time of the Invasion of Normandy, an American soldier is asked to impersonate a British General in order to confuse the Nazi spies and assassins in London.

All Titles
  • Два сапога пара
  • Unternehmen Pappkamerad
  • General Pfeifendeckel
  • BR: O Homem de Duas Cabeças O Homem de Duas Cabeças
  • CA: On the Double On the Double
  • DK: Rekrutgeneralen Rekrutgeneralen
  • FI: Lainahousuissa Lainahousuissa
  • FR: La doublure du général La doublure du général
  • DE: Unternehmen Pappkamerad Unternehmen Pappkamerad
  • GR: Ego eimai o stratigos Ego eimai o stratigos
  • IT: Un generale e mezzo Un generale e mezzo
  • MX: El hombre de dos caras El hombre de dos caras
  • NL: De Dolle Generaal De Dolle Generaal
  • PT: Um General e Meio Um General e Meio
  • RO: In pas alergator In pas alergator
  • ES: Plan 402: El doble del general Plan 402: El doble del general
  • SE: Dubbel-trubbel Dubbel-trubbel
Directed by Melville Shavelson show all movies of Melville Shavelson
Artists Danny Kaye
as Pfc. Ernie Williams
Rudolph Anders
as Oberkommandant
Release date 26 Oct 1961
Genre Adventure Comedy War
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