Nuclear Hurricane 2007

A "highly sophisticated computer system" at a nuclear power plant goes crazy. To make matters worse, it develops a capacity for reason and malice while a tropical island storm is blowing into town.

All Titles
  • FR: Ouragan nucléaire Ouragan nucléaire
  • GR: Pyriniki kataigida Pyriniki kataigida
  • HU: Trópusi atomvihar Trópusi atomvihar
  • JP: Atomic Hurricane Atomic Hurricane
  • TR: Nükleer Firtina Nükleer Firtina
Directed by Fred Olen Ray show all movies of Fred Olen Ray
Artists Gil Gerard
as Bob
Erin Gray
as Jane
Jamie Luner
as Linda
Release date 04 Apr 2007
Genre Action Sci-Fi Thriller
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