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Nowhereland 2016

Born into the seedy, underground world of prostitution, 15-year-old Shara has known no other life. Her mother is an aging, career escort, who is now looking to Shara to make the kind of money she made in her youth. After a dramatic encounter with her mom's ex-boyfriend, Shara finds herself alone on the streets of Los Angeles. Struggling to survive, she turns to the only option she believes she ...

All Titles
  • Girl Lost
  • Girl Lost
  • RU: Потерянная девушка Потерянная девушка
  • RS: Izgubljena devojka Izgubljena devojka
  • TR: Kayıp Kız Kayıp Kız
Directed by Robin Bain
Artists Brien Perry
as Tom
Jordan Preston
as JoJo the Pimp
Frankie Ray
as Sugar Daddy and Card Dealer
Release date 27 Apr 2018
Genre Drama
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Nowhereland 2016