Nothing But the Truth 2008

In Washington, D.C., a female reporter faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source.

All Titles
  • AR: Identidad protegida Identidad protegida
  • BR: Faces da Verdade Faces da Verdade
  • BR: Faces da Verdade Faces da Verdade
  • BG: Нищо друго освен истината Нищо друго освен истината
  • CA: Rien que la vérité Rien que la vérité
  • HR: Predsjednička igra Predsjednička igra
  • FI: Nothing But the Truth Nothing But the Truth
  • FR: Le prix du silence Le prix du silence
  • DE: Nichts als die Wahrheit Nichts als die Wahrheit
  • GR: Kai mono tin alitheia Kai mono tin alitheia
  • GR: Και Μόνο Την Αλήθεια Και Μόνο Την Αλήθεια
  • HU: Láncra vert igazság Láncra vert igazság
  • IL: Rak ha'emet Rak ha'emet
  • IT: Una sola verità Una sola verità
  • NO: Kampen for sannheten Kampen for sannheten
  • PL: Cena prawdy Cena prawdy
  • PT: A Verdade e Só a Verdade A Verdade e Só a Verdade
  • RO: Adevarul si numai adevarul Adevarul si numai adevarul
  • RU: Ничего, кроме правды Ничего, кроме правды
  • RS: Predsednička igra Predsednička igra
  • SK: Nic len pravda Nic len pravda
  • SI: Predsedniska igra Predsedniska igra
  • ES: Nada más que la verdad Nada más que la verdad
  • UA: Нiчого крiм правди Нiчого крiм правди
Directed by Rod Lurie show all movies of Rod Lurie
Artists Alan Alda
as Albert Burnside
Angela Bassett
as Bonnie Benjamin
Kate Beckinsale
as Rachel Armstrong
Release date 29 Jul 2009
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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