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NOS4A2 2019

Charlie Manx, a seductive immortal who feeds off the souls of children, has his whole world threatened when a young woman in New England discovers she has a dangerous gift.

All Titles
  • Nosferatu
  • CA: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • FR: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • DE: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • GR: Νοσφεράτου Νοσφεράτου
  • HU: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • IT: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • MX: NOS4A2 NOS4A2
  • RU: Страна Рождества Страна Рождества
  • ES: NOS4A2 (Nosferatu) NOS4A2 (Nosferatu)
Artists Kevin Fennessy
as Charters the Butler
Bruce Altman
as Dr. Nathaniel Janes
Kim Director
as Sasha
Release date 02 Jun 2019
Genre Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery
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NOS4A2 2019