None But the Lonely Heart 1944

When an itinerant reluctantly returns home to help his sickly mother run her shop, they are both tempted to turn to crime to help make ends meet.

All Titles
  • Только одинокое сердце
  • AR: Un desolado corazón Un desolado corazón
  • BR: Apenas um Coração Solitário Apenas um Coração Solitário
  • FI: Yksinäinen sydän Yksinäinen sydän
  • FR: Rien qu'un coeur solitaire Rien qu'un coeur solitaire
  • GR: Sto diava tis zois Sto diava tis zois
  • GR: Στο Διάβα της Ζωής Στο Διάβα της Ζωής
  • IL: Rak Ha-Lev Ha-Boded Rak Ha-Lev Ha-Boded
  • IT: Il ribelle Il ribelle
  • MX: Un desolado corazón Un desolado corazón
  • PL: Nic oprócz samotnego serca Nic oprócz samotnego serca
  • PT: O Vagabundo O Vagabundo
  • ES: Un cor en perill Un cor en perill
  • ES: Un corazón en peligro Un corazón en peligro
  • SE: Blott den som längtan känt... Blott den som längtan känt...
  • YU: Ništa osim usamljenog srca Ništa osim usamljenog srca
Directed by Clifford Odets
Artists Cary Grant
as Ernie Mott
Ethel Barrymore
as Ma Mott
Release date 17 Oct 1944
Genre Drama Romance
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