Nomads 1986

A French anthropologist specializing in nomadic groups moves to Los Angeles with his wife, and starts following a group of sinister street punks who seem to live and move around in a black van. But they aren't what they seem.

All Titles
  • Кочевники
  • Nomads - Tod aus dem Nichts
  • BR: Delírios Mortais Delírios Mortais
  • BG: Номади Номади
  • FI: Farliga främlingar Farliga främlingar
  • FI: Nomads - nattens främlingar Nomads - nattens främlingar
  • FI: Vaaralliset muukalaiset Vaaralliset muukalaiset
  • FI: Yön muukalaiset nomads Yön muukalaiset nomads
  • FI: Nomads - yön muukalaiset Nomads - yön muukalaiset
  • FR: Nomads Nomads
  • GR: Oi nomades tou mystiriou Oi nomades tou mystiriou
  • GR: Οι νομάδες του μυστηρίου Οι νομάδες του μυστηρίου
  • HU: A horda A horda
  • IT: Nomads Nomads
  • PT: Nómadas Nómadas
  • RS: Nomadi Nomadi
  • ES: Nómadas Nómadas
  • VE: Nómadas Nómadas
Directed by John McTiernan show all movies of John McTiernan
Artists Pierce Brosnan
as Jean Charles Pommier
Lesley-Anne Down
as Dr. Eileen Flax
Nina Foch
as Real Estate Agent
Release date 07 Mar 1986
Genre Horror Mystery Thriller
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