Nights in Rodanthe 2008

A doctor, who is travelling to see his estranged son, sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn.

All Titles
  • AR: Noches de tormenta Noches de tormenta
  • BR: Noites de Tormenta Noites de Tormenta
  • BG: Нощи в Роданте Нощи в Роданте
  • CA: Le temps d'un ouragan Le temps d'un ouragan
  • HR: Noci u Rodantheu Noci u Rodantheu
  • EE: Öö Rodanthe'is Öö Rodanthe'is
  • FI: Illat meren rannalla Illat meren rannalla
  • FR: Nos nuits à Rodanthe Nos nuits à Rodanthe
  • DE: Das Lächeln der Sterne Das Lächeln der Sterne
  • GR: Nyhtes sti Rodanthi Nyhtes sti Rodanthi
  • GR: Νύχτες στη Ροδάνθη Νύχτες στη Ροδάνθη
  • HU: Éjjel a parton Éjjel a parton
  • IT: Come un uragano Come un uragano
  • LT: Naktys Rodanteje Naktys Rodanteje
  • NO: Netter i Rodanthe Netter i Rodanthe
  • PE: Noche de tormenta Noche de tormenta
  • PL: Noce w Rodanthe Noce w Rodanthe
  • PT: O Sorriso das Estrelas O Sorriso das Estrelas
  • RO: Nopti in Rodanthe Nopti in Rodanthe
  • RU: Ночи в Роданте Ночи в Роданте
  • SI: Viharna noc Viharna noc
  • ES: Noches de tormenta Noches de tormenta
  • SE: Nätterna vid havet Nätterna vid havet
  • TR: Sevgi firtinasi Sevgi firtinasi
  • UA: Ночi в Роданте Ночi в Роданте
  • VE: Noche de tormenta Noche de tormenta
Directed by George C. Wolfe
Artists Richard Gere
as Paul
Diane Lane
as Adrienne
Scott Glenn
as Robert Torrelson
Release date 26 Sep 2008
Genre Drama Romance
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