Night Stalker 2005

Investigative reporter Carl Kolchak, who's after his wife's killer, Carl's partners Perri Reed and Jain McManus and their boss Tony Vincenzo investigate strange crimes in L.A. that may or may not have dark supernatural elements to them.

All Titles
  • FR: Night stalker - Le guetteur Night stalker - Le guetteur
  • GR: Kynigos tis nyhtas Kynigos tis nyhtas
  • RO: Vânãtor nocturn Vânãtor nocturn
  • RU: Крадущийся в ночи Крадущийся в ночи
Artists Mira Furlan
as 1 episode, 2006
Michael O'Keefe
as 1 episode, 2005
Bryan Anthony
as 1 episode, 2006
Release date 29 Sep 2005
Genre Crime Drama Fantasy Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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