Nesto izmedju 1983

An American woman comes to Belgrade to visit an old friend. There, on the exotic boundary between West and East, she becomes entangled in a love triangle.

All Titles
  • YU: Nesto izmedju Nesto izmedju
  • FI: Rakkautta yli rajojen Rakkautta yli rajojen
  • GR: Kapou anamesa Kapou anamesa
  • HU: Félúton Félúton
  • RS: Nešto između Nešto između
  • RS: Nesto izmedju Nesto izmedju
  • TR: Iki Arada Bir Derede Iki Arada Bir Derede
  • YU: Something in Between Something in Between
Directed by Srdjan Karanovic
Release date 17 Dec 1982
Genre Drama Romance
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