Neighbors 2014

After they are forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a newborn baby do whatever they can to take them down.

All Titles
  • Bad Neighbours
  • Townies
  • AR: Buenos vecinos Buenos vecinos
  • AU: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • AZ: Qonshular Qonshular
  • AZ: Pis Qonshular Pis Qonshular
  • BE: Nos pires voisins Nos pires voisins
  • BR: Vizinhos Vizinhos
  • BG: Да разлаем съседите Да разлаем съседите
  • CA: Les voisins Les voisins
  • CL: Buenos vecinos Buenos vecinos
  • HR: Susjedi iz pakla Susjedi iz pakla
  • CZ: Sousedi Sousedi
  • DK: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • FI: Naapurit Naapurit
  • FR: Nos pires voisins Nos pires voisins
  • DE: Bad Neighbors Bad Neighbors
  • GR: Anypoforoi geitones Anypoforoi geitones
  • GR: Ανυπόφοροι γείτονες Ανυπόφοροι γείτονες
  • HU: Rossz szomszédság Rossz szomszédság
  • IE: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • IL: Shkhenim Shkhenim
  • IT: Cattivi vicini Cattivi vicini
  • LT: Kaimynai Kaimynai
  • MX: Buenos vecinos Buenos vecinos
  • NL: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • NO: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • PE: Buenos vecinos Buenos vecinos
  • PL: Sasiedzi Sasiedzi
  • PT: Má Vizinhança Má Vizinhança
  • MK: Соседи Соседи
  • RO: Vecini de cosmar Vecini de cosmar
  • RU: Соседи. На тропе войны Соседи. На тропе войны
  • RS: Loše komšije Loše komšije
  • SG: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • SI: Sosedi Sosedi
  • ES: Malditos vecinos Malditos vecinos
  • SE: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • TR: Kötü Komsular Kötü Komsular
  • UA: Сусiди Сусiди
  • UA: Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours
  • UY: Buenos vecinos Buenos vecinos
Directed by Nicholas Stoller show all movies of Nicholas Stoller
Artists Lisa Kudrow
as Dean Carol Gladstone
Ike Barinholtz
as Jimmy
Rose Byrne
as Kelly Radner
Release date 09 May 2014
Genre Comedy
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