Neds 2010

Encompassed by violent street gangs, neglectful parents, bullying teachers and a dearth of positive role models, a studious but emotionally abandoned kid turns thug.

All Titles
  • UA: Neds Neds
  • FR: Neds Neds
  • DE: Gangs of Glasgow Gangs of Glasgow
  • GR: Neds - Asymvivasti genia Neds - Asymvivasti genia
  • HU: Huligán Huligán
  • PL: Chuligani Chuligani
  • PT: Neds - Jovens Delinquentes Neds - Jovens Delinquentes
  • RU: Отморозки Отморозки
  • ES: Neds (No educados y delincuentes) Neds (No educados y delincuentes)
  • TR: Serseriler Serseriler
  • UA: Non-Educated Delinquents Non-Educated Delinquents
Directed by Peter Mullan show all movies of Peter Mullan
Artists Leigh Biagi
as Mrs. Cassidy
Linda Jane Devlin
as Mrs. Matherson (as Linda Cuthbert)
Louise Goodall
as Theresa
Release date 20 Apr 2011
Genre Drama
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