Naughty Marietta 1935

In order to avoid a prearranged marriage, a rebellious French princess sheds her identity and escapes to colonial New Orleans, where she finds an unlikely true love.

All Titles
  • Капризная Мариетта
  • AT: Tolle Marietta Tolle Marietta
  • BE: La fugue de Mariette La fugue de Mariette
  • BR: Oh, Marieta! Oh, Marieta!
  • DK: Letsindige Marietta Letsindige Marietta
  • FR: La fugue de Mariette La fugue de Mariette
  • DE: Tolle Marietta Tolle Marietta
  • GR: Marietta Marietta
  • HU: Pajkos hercegnő Pajkos hercegnő
  • IT: Terra senza donne Terra senza donne
  • NO: Marietta Marietta
  • PE: O Marietta! O Marietta!
  • PL: Kaprysna Marietta Kaprysna Marietta
  • PT: A Princesa Endiabrada A Princesa Endiabrada
  • ES: Marietta, la traviesa Marietta, la traviesa
  • SE: Marietta Marietta
  • TR: Marietta Marietta
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard W.S. Van Dyke
Artists Elsa Lanchester
as Madame d'Annard
Jane Barnes
as Casquette Girl
Arthur Belasco
as Mercenary Scout
Release date 29 Mar 1935
Genre Drama Musical Romance
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