National Security 2003

Two mismatched security guards are thrown together to bust a smuggling operation.

All Titles
  • AR: Seguridad nacional Seguridad nacional
  • BR: Segurança Nacional Segurança Nacional
  • BG: Ченгета без Значки Ченгета без Значки
  • CA: Sécurité nationale Sécurité nationale
  • HR: Nacionalna sigurnost Nacionalna sigurnost
  • CZ: Policajti na baterky Policajti na baterky
  • EE: Rahvuslik julgeolek Rahvuslik julgeolek
  • FI: Veijareita vai vartijoita? Veijareita vai vartijoita?
  • FR: National Security National Security
  • GR: Ethniki asfaleia Ethniki asfaleia
  • GR: Εθνική Ασφάλεια Εθνική Ασφάλεια
  • HU: Nemzetbiztonság Bt. Nemzetbiztonság Bt.
  • IT: National Security - Sei in buone mani National Security - Sei in buone mani
  • PL: Parasol bezpieczenstwa Parasol bezpieczenstwa
  • PT: Segurança Nacional Segurança Nacional
  • RO: Siguranţă naţională Siguranţă naţională
  • RU: Национальная безопасность Национальная безопасность
  • RS: Nacionalna bezbednost Nacionalna bezbednost
  • ES: Seguridad nacional Seguridad nacional
  • TR: Bela is basinda Bela is basinda
  • UA: Нацiональна безпека Нацiональна безпека
Directed by Dennis Dugan show all movies of Dennis Dugan
Artists Eric Roberts
as Nash
Martin Lawrence
as Earl Montgomery
Steve Zahn
as Hank Rafferty
Release date 17 Jan 2003
Genre Action Comedy Crime Thriller
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