Mystic River 2003

The lives of three men who were childhood friends are shattered when one of them has a family tragedy.

All Titles
  • AR: Río místico Río místico
  • BR: Sobre Meninos e Lobos Sobre Meninos e Lobos
  • BG: Реката на тайните Реката на тайните
  • CA: Mystic River Mystic River
  • CL: Río místico Río místico
  • HR: Mistična rijeka Mistična rijeka
  • CZ: Tajemná řeka Tajemná řeka
  • DK: Mystic River Mystic River
  • EE: Saladuste jõgi Saladuste jõgi
  • FI: Menneisyyden ote Menneisyyden ote
  • FR: Mystic River Mystic River
  • DE: Mystic River Mystic River
  • GR: Skoteino potami Skoteino potami
  • GR: Σκοτεινό ποτάμι Σκοτεινό ποτάμι
  • HU: Titokzatos folyó Titokzatos folyó
  • IT: Mystic River Mystic River
  • JP: Mystic River Mystic River
  • LT: Mistine upe Mistine upe
  • MX: Río místico Río místico
  • PA: Río místico Río místico
  • PE: Río místico Río místico
  • PL: Rzeka tajemnic Rzeka tajemnic
  • PT: Mystic River Mystic River
  • RO: Misterele fluviului Misterele fluviului
  • RU: Таинственная река Таинственная река
  • RS: Mistična reka Mistična reka
  • SK: Tajomná rieka Tajomná rieka
  • SI: Skrivnostna reka Skrivnostna reka
  • ES: Mystic River Mystic River
  • TR: Gizemli Nehir Gizemli Nehir
  • UA: Таeмнича рiчка Таeмнича рiчка
  • UY: Río místico Río místico
  • VN: Dòng Sông Kì Bí Dòng Sông Kì Bí
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Artists Kevin Bacon
as Sean Devine
Tim Robbins
as Dave Boyle
Laurence Fishburne
as Whitey Powers
Release date 15 Oct 2003
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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Mystic River 2003