My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006

When a regular guy dumps a superhero for her neediness, she uses her powers to make his life a living hell.

All Titles
  • Super Ex
  • AR: Mi super ex-novia Mi super ex-novia
  • BR: Minha Super Ex-Namorada Minha Super Ex-Namorada
  • BG: Моята супер бивша Моята супер бивша
  • CA: Ma super ex-copine Ma super ex-copine
  • CZ: Moje superbejvalka Moje superbejvalka
  • EE: Minu endine superpruut Minu endine superpruut
  • FI: My Super Ex My Super Ex
  • FR: Ma super ex Ma super ex
  • DE: Die Super-Ex Die Super-Ex
  • GR: My Super Ex-Girlfriend My Super Ex-Girlfriend
  • GR: Η Σούπερ Πρώην Μου Η Σούπερ Πρώην Μου
  • HU: A szuper exnőm A szuper exnőm
  • IT: La mia super ex-ragazza La mia super ex-ragazza
  • LT: Mano super buvusioji Mano super buvusioji
  • MX: Mi súper ex-novia Mi súper ex-novia
  • PL: Moja supereksdziewczyna Moja supereksdziewczyna
  • PT: A Minha Super Ex A Minha Super Ex
  • RU: Моя супер-бывшая Моя супер-бывшая
  • RS: Moja bivša je superheroj Moja bivša je superheroj
  • SI: Moja super bivsa Moja super bivsa
  • ES: Mi súper ex-novia Mi súper ex-novia
  • SE: Mitt super ex Mitt super ex
  • TR: Eski süper sevgilim Eski süper sevgilim
  • UA: Моя супер-колишня Моя супер-колишня
Directed by Ivan Reitman
Artists Uma Thurman
as Jenny Johnson / G-Girl
Luke Wilson
as Matt Saunders
Lou Bonacki
as Parking Lot Manager
Release date 21 Jul 2006
Genre Comedy Romance Sci-Fi
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My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006